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KavirSoleh Co. is proud to have the most advanced equipment for building sheds and metal skeletons with many years of brilliant history and nail building projects, and is proud to use its advanced technology, high experience and engineering knowledge to execute your projects inside and outside the country. The complex, with an area of ​​about 8,000 square meters, and 600 tons of metal production, is designed to cut, construct, color, and install structures in the shortest time possible. The company is proud to rely on its dynamic and dynamic days. Utilizing past experiences in engineering activities over thousands of metal structures Leadership and implement.

Why is KavirSooleh?

The design and construction of the hollow is a specialized and precise process that involves many factors in its construction. Failure to pay attention to any of these factors can impose a heavy cost on the manufacturer or undermine the strength and stability of the structure and lead to inconvenient events. A set of factors have worked together to bring us the highest quality structures in Build the fastest possible time with a very high safety level. 1. In the KavirSooleh industrial group, all stages of design, construction and execution are in accordance with internationally recognized regulations and regulations of the organization of the engineering system of the country. In the first stage, the design of the technical tables and tables is done by experts approved by the engineering organization. In the construction phase, this is the responsibility of the factory’s quality control unit and in the implementation phase, the quality and safety of the structure under the supervision of the experienced experts of the company.2-The strict observance of the timetable and commitment to the implementation of the project in the timetable provided below The view of the project control unit and the company’s planning will naturally save on customer costs. 3. The use of the most advanced equipment and technology to build a skeleton structure. 4. Having experienced technical staff and efficient engineering knowledge at all stages of design. It has a brilliant history and, as a result, a useful experience.5-years of experience.6-Monthly capacity of 600 tons of metal structures in an area of ​​about 8000 m. Part-7 – Advice and advice free of charge to all respected clients, even in the absence of a contract.

Fields of activities of Kavirsooleh

۱. Designing a computing map with a CD of computing file.

۲. excavating, leveling and aligning the ground with mapping cameras.

۳. Implementing the foundation in accordance with the approved map of the country’s engineering organization.

۴. Manufacturing and painting, loading, transport and installation of metal skeleton (Sheet steel Mobarakeh Esfahan ST37 and powdered welding).

۵. Implementation of roof covering (Galvanized sheet of Kashan, Mobarakeh Steel Isfahan or sandwich panel).

۶. Implementation of Chinese wall (35 cm double-faced brick facade of Isfahan).

۷. Construction and installation of windows And the lid of the rail 8-the implementation of the flooring of the niches (concrete with 350 degrees, stone, mosaic and …)

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